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Kevin Hutcherson

BSA Responsibilities

As Chair, Kevin Hutcherson is responsible to:

  • Serve as Principal Representative of Black Staff Alliance – Attend Diversity and Access meetings, work with other staff groups to plan joint events.
  • Preside over meetings of members and of the board.
  • Coordinate activities of the Black Staff Alliance.
  • Plan one legacy (i.e. Black Heritage) BSA event together per year.
  • Provide assistance as needed for other BSA events.

What he loves about being a BSA Officer 

Kevin loves that his role as Chairperson grants him opportunities to initiate discussions surrounding “Black History” all year long, not just during the dedicated “Black History Month.” 

Serving in this role has allowed him to watch and participate in the growth and unity of black staff at Stanford.  He believes in BSA's slogan, "We Are One," and this group has provided a voice and consistent representation for the black staff within the Stanford University community.  

His goals for BSA

To continue to develop and strengthen relationships throughout the university and in surrounding communities. His hope is to one day see black faculty, staff, and students consistently collaborating as a single group.

A Stanford Employee Since 1993

Kevin currently works as a Project Manager for Management with LBRE.  In this position, he is responsible to communicate the construction of each job, overseeing the many complex details and ensuring the success of the project. 

He previously worked for Utilities and Work Support. 

What he loves about working at Stanford

He enjoys working at Stanford because of the interactions with the various staff and professors on campus.


Kevin received his Project Management Certification from San Jose State University.