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Associate Chair

Mia Love

BSA Responsibilities

As Associate Chair, Mia Love is responsible to:

  • Assist Chair in coordinating activities of BSA.
  • Serve as back-up for Chair when Chair is not available.
  • Create Event Flyers.
  • Plan one legacy (i.e. Black Heritage) BSA event together per year.
  • Provide assistance as needed for other BSA events.
  • Work with Student Liaison (i.e. Community Building (Networking / Collaboration), Educational Building, and Advocacy & Social Building). 

What she loves about being a BSA Officer

Mia loves the opportunity to advance the mission and vision of the black staff at Stanford University. She is grateful to serve the community that has served herself and her family. She believes that during this time, it is more important than ever that we continue to move the needle forward for the future generations of Black Staff at Stanford University and leave this institution better than we found it.

Her fondest memory working for BSA

Mia has made so many great memories with BSA.  Some of her favorites were made during BSA's annual events such as the MLK Celebration, Big Lunch of Color and so many more.

Her goals for BSA

Mia believes that we must be prepared for the future. We are our ancestors wildest dreams. Our opportunity to grow and expand our reach is here. It is better to be prepared and step into the opportunities than to have the opportunities and not be prepared. WE ARE PREPARED!

A Stanford University employee since 1996

Mia currently works as Associate Director for Stanford LBRE. In this position, she is responsible for supporting the teaching and research  of those in Engineering Trades and BGM by by removing obstacles they may face as they conduct their work.

Mia previously worked for R&DE and Stanford Hospital/LPCH.

What she loves about working at Stanford

Mia reminds us that even in the current state of things, we have a beautiful landscape painted for us everyday. She is confident that we will "retain the brush and paint the masterpiece of our legacy."


Along with formal education, Mia is a reiki/prana/energetic practitioner and holistic mindset strategist with a focus on financial health and wellness. She also served as President of the LBRE Black Advisory Committee, Vice President of BAYAPPA for multiple years, she was also a WACUHO executive and she served on the IFMA committee.