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Accountant Chair

Yolanda Banks

BSA Responsibilities

Yolanda Banks joined the BSA in 2002. She has previously served as Secretary and is now Accountant Chair to the group. 

As Accountant Chair, Yolanda Banks is responsible to:

  • Process Reimbursements for BSA
  • Assist Chair in budget proposals and maintaining budget expenses in operating and gift accounts.
  • Manage record keeping from prior events. (i.e. Budget & Expense).
  • Plan one legacy (i.e. Black Heritage) BSA event together per year.
  • Provide assistance as needed for other BSA events.

What she loves about being a BSA Officer 

Yolanda loves being a BSA officer because the role allows her to give back to the black staff community at Stanford University and it allows her to further utilize her extensive finances management skills.

Her fondest memory as a BSA member

Yolanda has had many positive experiences as a member of BSA. One memory she treasures was created while participating in a BSA sponsored clothing drive. She recalls being overwhelmed by the response of the Stanford University community who turned out in great numbers to donate to those in need. This moment not only allowed her to help people in need, but also gave her an opportunity to meet fellow staff members, faculty and students from all over campus.  

Her goals for BSA

Yolanda hopes BSA continues to serve as a platform and resource for the black staff to express their concerns and to raise questions which can then be communicated to leadership at Stanford University. 

Stanford Employee Since 1990

Yolanda currently works as a Finance & Grant Manager for Energy Resources Engineering where she manages various accounts in support of research. As a senior member of the administrative team, she often acts as administrative team lead in the absence of the department's DFO.

She has previously worked in Human Resources for the School of Engineering and the School of Earth Sciences.

What she loves about working at Stanford

Yolanda enjoys the job flexibility and the many opportunities to take classes and learn new things as a staff member at Stanford. 


(650) 723-2721