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Stephanie James

BSA Responsibilities

Stephanie James became an active member of BSA in 2012.  Just a year later, she became BSA’s Administrator and has served in the role ever since. 


As Administrator, Stephanie James's responsible to:

  • Maintain minutes and agendas of board meetings.
  • Maintain records of event participants – handle or delegate check-ins at BSA events.
  • Display and Collect sign-in sheets at various events.
  • Assist Chair and Associate Chair in publicity/events notices.
  • Assist Social Media Chair in writing event recaps on BSA website blog.
  • Plan one legacy (i.e. Black Heritage) BSA event together per year.
  • Provide assistance as needed for other BSA events.

What she loves about being a BSA Officer  

Stephanie enjoys serving as Administrator because of the many opportunities to work with a team she describes as “mature, brilliant, intelligent, caring, giving and talented” individuals who truly want to improve the personal and work lives of Black staff members at Stanford University.

A Stanford Employee since 1985

Stephanie currently works as an Executive Assistant managing the busy office of a Professor/Fellow.


(650) 497-5919